BJ Logistics, Sillingy, Frankreich

Hanel Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Module for simultaneous put and pick

BJ Logistics, with main offices in Annecy, France, offers visionary e-commerce and shipping solutions for various business enterprises. In a warehouse with an area of 64,583 ft2 / 6,000 m2, a team of 25 employees fill nearly 10,000 orders every month for delivery to customers in the industrial, textile and health-care segments.

The company stores 5,000 different items in four Hänel Lean-Lift® systems. The com-plete solution provides height-optimized and protected storage for an inventory of more than 100,000 articles. A cluster comprised of three Lean-Lift® systems, each equipped with two access points, is operated through two floors for maximum utilization of the vertical space available in the warehouse.

Easy and fast integration in the IT network

Warehouse management software is used to connect the Hänel MP 12 N controller to the Sienna ERP system used at BJ Logistics. All data regarding inventory levels and item storage locations resides in the host system. During the restocking process, the containers in all three Lean-Lift® systems are simultaneously prepositioned at the access points.

The Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators show precisely where employees should put items on the containers. Additional monitors positioned above the access points display images of the container layout. Inventory data in the ERP system is immediately up-dated when employees complete and con-firm the restocking process.

Parallel picking on several floors 

The access points on the upper floors of the warehouse are used to replenish the systems with new inventory items. One employee can systematically restock a system with up to 500 items each day. While replenishment is taking place, employees on the ground floor can still pick items needed to fill orders.

The ERP system sends the relevant data to the warehouse management software, which then sends a transport order to the Hänel Lean-Lift® systems. Each order is assigned a box.

The vertical lifts feature parallel operation and bring the specified containers to all three access points. Employees use barcode scanners to confirm all put and pick trans-actions directly at the lift. 

"The Hänel Lean-Lift® systems are seamlessly integrated in the process infrastructure at BJ Logistics to ensure smooth and efficient operations. Thanks to the Hänel solutions, we have been able to increase overall pick rates consider-ably."

William Duver
Logistics Manager

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