Sander Vunderink Elektromaterialen BV, Grindstraat 7, 7553 GV Hengelo, Niederlande

The Hänel Rotomat® with direct link to Magento shop software – the ideal e-commerce logistics solution

Logistics and fulfillment as success factors: Four Hänel Rotomat® systems with direct link to the webshop. Sander Vunderink Elektromaterialien successfully operates an online shop in the Netherlands which offers a wide assortment of electrical items for fuse boxes, cables, switch systems, and much more.

At the heart of the distribution center in Hengelo are four Hänel Rotomat® systems that function as an automated miniload solution which stores more than 2,000 different small items. The lift systems have a height of 19.7 ft/6 m and each is equipped with the Hänel MP 12 N controller. The systems are configured in a cluster, with operations coordinated by the central Hänel MP 100 D controller.

The shortest delivery times thanks to direct connectivity with the Magento e-commerce system

The Sander Vunderink webshop guarantees that all orders placed before 5:00 p.m. will be filled and delivered the next day.

In order to keep this promise, the Hänel Rotomat® storage systems are directly linked to the webshop. Some 30 customer orders are combined to form a pick
job – the central controller gives this information to the storage systems. At the same time, a delivery slip is printed for a collection box which will hold each of these 30 orders. The box is placed on the roller conveyor system located in front of the storage systems.

Fast and accurate picking thanks to Pick-by-Light with the Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators

When the pick job is started, all four lift systems transport items for the first order position on the pick list to the retrieval access points – the routing is fully optimized. 

The appropriate small parts bin is identified by the Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators – these LEDs are integrated in the work counter of the storage system. The display on the Hänel MP 12 N controller shows the user precisely how many items to pick and which collection box to use.

When the pick is complete, the user confirms this on the controller and then places the items in the collection box. The Hänel Rotomat® then automatically brings the carrier for the next order position to the retrieval access point. Several employees at the four lift systems conduct this picking process at the same time until all of the customer orders have been filled. The collection boxes then move on to the shipping department.

The direct integration of the Hänel automated miniload solution in the e-commerce environment minimizes the time between receipt of orders and the shipping of goods to customers. Job orders as well as all processes of relevance to the inventory in each Hänel Rotomat® are centrally managed in Magento without the need for subsystems.

The perfect webshop integration and high picking performance make the Hänel Rotomat® the optimal automated provisioning system for e-commerce applications.

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