Modern e-commerce logistics solution delivers high levels of customer satisfaction.

HT-Connect is a specialist when it comes to fittings, valves, pipes, irrigation and sprinkler components. HT-Connect is a family business in Pegnitz, Germany, offering a wide range of products through its online shop

The smooth and efficient flow of goods behind the scenes of the successful online shop is supported by 24 Hänel Lean-Lift® systems functioning as the central shipping warehouse.

The Hänel systems provide systematic space-saving storage for 95% of all items offered by the shop. By fully utilizing the height inside the company’s building, the Hänel Lean-Lifts® store 10,000 items within a small footprint. The various products are well-organized and kept in boxes for height-optimized storage on Hänel multifunction containers.

The Hänel MP 14 N StandAlone multifunction controller communicates directly with the company’s JTL ERP system. This direct integration of the lift controller supports optimal logistics processes. The ERP system manages items, inventories, orders and customers. Once an online customer order is received, a sales order for the transaction is generated in the ERP system and sent to the warehouse.

System-driven parallel prepositioning in each lift cluster ensures maximum picking performance. The precise coordination of the ERP system and the modern lift controller is the basis for fast, flexible and efficient order processing at HT-Connect.

A barcode scanner directly underneath the MP14 N controller is used to record key order information and start the picking process. Each lift system automatically brings the requisite Hänel multifunction containers to the access point in sequence so that items can be picked. In each lift cluster, up to four Hänel Lean-Lift® systems simultaneously deliver the requested items to the access point at an ergonomic height. Thanks to parallel prepositioning at all six lift clusters, even large numbers of orders can be processed very quickly.

Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario supports employees with its pick-by-light technology. When the container arrives at the access point, the item position on the container is clearly identified for the user with a dot of light. In addition, inventory quantities and the exact locations of items on the container are shown on the Hänel MP 14 N controller display. The items can then be removed from the system at an ergonomic height and placed on a nearby roller conveyor. Once the employee confirms retrieval, the controller sends this information to the ERP system where the data is booked. The picked items are put into the red order box.

In the meantime, the next item is automatically brought to the access point for retrieval. This parallel prepositioning with several clustered Hänel Lean-Lift® systems results in fast order processing. To boost picking performance even more, two employees can work at one lift cluster during peak seasons when incoming orders are high.

When all of the items for the order have been picked and put in the box at the first lift cluster, the box is transported by the roller conveyor system to the other lift clusters for completion. Once complete, the order is sent to the packing line and then shipped to the customer. 

The Hänel intralogistics solution at HT-Connect delivers proven benefits

In addition to ease of use and outstanding ergonomics, the “goods to man” principle with pick-by-light ensures that even extremely large quantities are picked quickly and accurately. High picking performance that can be flexibly adjusted to order volume is a decisive advantage during seasonal peaks at HT-Connect. 

Systematic real-time organization of more than 10,000 items is a basic prerequisite for smooth order processes in the online shop. This is possible thanks to the direct data communication between the Hänel controllers and the JTL ERP system. All operations are constantly monitored so that the inventory status data can be updated immediately. 

All of these benefits enable HT-Connect to offer express next-day deliveries and thus ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. And this satisfaction accounts for constant business growth at HT-Connect. In the near future the company plans to expand current warehouse operations by installing six more Hänel Lean-Lifts®. An additional advantage of Hänel lifts will come into play during this expansion because more storage capacity can be added at any time and adjusted to building conditions to ensure maximum space utilization. When the project is completed, HT-Connect expects to have 48 Hänel Lean-Lifts® in operation.

HT-Connect profits from fast and accurate order processing and warehouse organization thanks to Hänel Lean-Lift® technology for its e-commerce logistics solution.

“To ensure express next-day deliveries, we currently operate 24 Hänel Lean-Lifts® that store more than 10,000 items and have a direct link to our ERP system. This enables our employees to process orders very efficiently even during seasonal peaks, and that results in outstanding customer satisfaction. ” 

Horst Toeffels
Managing Director

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